Joint Operation (Combined Arm) on eBay store
You can still buy the full game on eBay or elsewhere
and come play with us on our game servers.
Joint Operation (Combined Arm) on eBay store

If you experiencing some problems running Joint Operations TR, IC4 and other Mods, on very fast computer with, 4 processors and more, try this patch. Read "readme.txt" include on compressed file on how to install it, sorry,  it's my 1st version, next version probably include easy install :-)
If Novaworld goes down, you can come play with Tunngle in LAN Mode, you can download Tunngle here you must register, after that, connect you and search for "Joint Operations" servers and connect you to "rogman_ffs" in Tunngle comunity and come play on our FFS server. (freedomfighterssquad IC4)
freedom fighters squad
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